I’m a UX Design Lead at Google
I am currently working on Google’s design strategy to create intelligent and helpful products that bring the best of AI to users
I am currently leading a Google innovation team focused on designing the company's vision for new AI technologies ❤️ + 🤖
Launched the official Google Android offline game 🕹️, played more than 700 million times every month
Brought the Google Weather Frog 🐸 experience to Smart Displays
Launched dozens of Google Doodles 🚀 each one reaching more than a billion users with billions of engagements
Worked closely with Hip-Hop legends 🪩, hanged out with astronauts 👨🏻🚀 and advocated for making AI and Machine Learning accessible and personal 🎹
Veteran from the entertainment industry 🎥, worked on projects for Disney, Cartoon Network, Nike and even Academy Award nominated productions 🏆
UX Lead - Innovation & Strategy October
2020 - Present
Innovative UX Lead at Google, driving a cross-functional team of senior designers and technologists in exploring new AI technologies for product ideation. Experienced in developing, testing, and analysing cutting-edge product ideas, with a focus on AI, LLMs, image generation, and conversational interfaces.
Notably, our proposals and prototypes received enthusiastic direct feedback from company founders and CEO.
Product Design Manager - Humanisation
April 2018 - October 2020
Led a cross-functional team of senior and staff designers to bring Google products more emotional resonance, delight and accessibility. Collaborated with several teams, including AI research.
Product Designer - Google Doodles
October 2016 - April 2018
Experienced Product Designer spearheading innovative Google Doodles in London, with a proven track record of 50+ successful launches including AI, ML, interactive designs, games and notable collaborations with music Industry leaders and NASA.
Guest Lecturer & Instructor
February 2019, Paris
Educator at Gobelins Animation School teaching technical compositing, mentoring students and delivering lectures in both English and French. I have also served as a mentor and consultant, offering guidance and support to students as they navigated their mid-year animation projects.
Freelance CG Lead
July 2016 - August 2016, Remote
Freelance CG TL on animation advertising movie directed by Academy Award-winning director, John Khars.
Golden Wolf
Art Director
September 2014 - September 2016, London
Highly skilled Art Director with extensive experience leading projects for top clients including Cartoon Network, Disney, Nike, and Gatorade.
Proven track record of effectively managing teams of animators and designers, both full time employees and freelancers, to deliver successful films with complex requirements and tight deadlines.
Cartoon Saloon
Visual Designer
May 2012 - September 2012 & February 2015 - April 2015, Kilkenny, Ireland
Colour and concept artist on Academy Award nominated production Song of the Sea.
Freelance concept artist working on the early stages development of new animation show, Ellie the Ace.
Moving Colour
Freelance Design
February 2015, Remote
Freelance art director developing visuals for short film, for The Walt Disney Company.
Freelance Designer
March 2013 - June 2013
Colour and concept artist on the Angry Birds animated series.
Spray Filmes
Animation Director
May 2010 - January 2011
Lead an animation team of 14 animators, creating three animated sequences for award winning documentary “Breaking the Taboo”.
GOBELINS, l'école de l'image
M2, Cinéma d' animation, 2011 - 2014
California Institute of the Arts
Character Animation, Exchange Program, 2014 - 2014
Camberwell College of Arts
MA, Illustration, 2010 - 2011
Central St Martins
Character Design for Animation , 2011 - 2011
FAAP - Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado
BA, Graphic Design, 2006 - 2009
Developing 0 to 1 Ai Products
Product Management & Strategy
Design Strategy
People Management
UX Design & Systems
XFN Collaboration with Engineers. PMs, PgMS, PMMs
Cinema & Animation Project Development
Advertising Project Development
Technical Knowledge of 3D Production Pipelines
Technical Knowledge of Software Development & Process
Familiar with Game Development Processes (JavaScript, C#, ThreeJS)
About me
Hired by Google to help establish London-based Google Doodles team, designing and launching experiences reaching billions of users
In 2016 I was head-hunted by Google to help establish the London-based Google Doodles team where I created and launched numerous experiences, each one reaching more than a billion users with billions of engagements. From games to short interactive documentaries, I found fun and delightful ways to explain complex concepts, such as machine learning, to hundreds of millions of users in a way they can relate to and imagine the benefits it could bring to their daily lives.
Collaborated with high-profile partners across various industries
Throughout my tenure at Google, I had the pleasure of working closely with several high-profile partners across a range of industries, including hip-hop legends, famous authors, NASA, and even astronaut Mike Collins. These collaborations allowed me to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, resulting in impactful and memorable experiences for our users.
Led efforts to bring delightful experiences to Google products and co-founded an innovation team driving AI product innovation
Aside from my work with the Google Doodles team, I also led efforts to bring delightful experiences to many Google products, including the Offline Game on Android, with more than 700 million monthly gameplays, and the Google Weather Frog experience on Google Smart Displays, which remains a favourite among users.
After my time on the Doodles team, I co-founded an innovation team at Google, advocating for and driving AI product innovation.
My work has been recognised and complimented by the Google founders, CEO, and several VP-level executives.

“People on the call were mesmerised
Jeff Dean, “Ship it!”  Sergey Brin
Leading design efforts for responsible and useful AI integration
More recently, I've been leading design efforts for bringing AI to Google products in responsible and useful ways. My goal is to use AI to enhance our users' experiences while ensuring that the technology is used responsibly and ethically.
Active member of animation and design industry, mentoring and supporting new designers and artists
Beyond my work at Google, I am an active member of the animation and design industry, giving talks at conferences, schools, and mentoring and supporting a new generation of designers and artists all over the world.
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